Our strengths: quality, innovation and expertise

The quality of our products - from design to daily use - and all the expertise of our staff - from advisers to installers - exist for one sole purpose: to satisfy you every step of the way.

A team of experts

ixina's know-how lives in its employees, professional men and women who guide you from the advisory phase to installing your kitchen. Our ixina kitchen design specialists are trained to share with you the expertise and professionalism that make the difference. They are more than designers, they are experts who will share their knowledge about products, lay-outs and even decorating to collaborate with you and build the right kitchen for you.


A closer look at installation

Because your kitchen will be used several times a day, every day for many years, installation is an important consideration that requires careful thought. This is why ixina offers installation by professional kitchen specialists to give you peace of mind for many years to come.

A closer look at delivery

We do everything we can to ensure your kitchen is delivered as quickly as possible. Our products are delivered directly from our German factories. We monitor the regularity of our shipping to ensure all your work can be performed without hassle. ixina demonstrates its expertise and experience through its ultra-efficient logistics.

Product quality

Our kitchens are tested by experts in laboratories under extreme conditions to guarantee quality and durability that stand up to anything. ixina does not sell kitchen kits; all our cabinets are manufactured and assembled in our German factories before they are delivered and installed in your home.

Innovation and R&D

To enable you to enjoy a kitchen that is as safe as it is comfortable and that perfectly suits your family and lifestyle, our Research & Development team is always pushing the envelope when it comes to ergonomics and functionality. Their innovative spirit comes through in our designs and styles with colors, shapes and materials that are endlessly reimagined. The result is kitchens with a contemporary feel.