How to choose the right mixer tap?

How to choose the right mixer tap?

The choice your of mixer tap depends on the layout of your kitchen and the position of your sink.  Your sink will determine the shape of the spout of your mixer tap.  Its length and width, as well as the depth of the bowl and the number of basins, will determine its shape.  If the spout is too low, pots and pans won't pass through, and if it's too short, you're more likely to splash your worktop than clean your dishes.   A little tip is that when the water flows "normally", it should fall directly into the drain.

Kitchen taps with hand shower

First of all, you need to know if you want to fit your mixer tap with a hand shower for easy cleaning of fruit and vegetables and rinsing of dishes and the sink.

The pull-out spray is easy to move, without having to touch the utensil you want to fill with water or wash. A wide range of mixer taps are available on the market, to suit all styles and sizes of sink.

The showerhead often has two jets: a gentle one and a more powerful one. A diverter makes it easy to switch from one to the other. The "rain jet", for example, is ideal for rinsing fruit and vegetables thoroughly.



The stylish and colourful

A contemporary mixer tap, thanks to its shape and finish, brings a contemporary style and some models have remarkable shapes or finishes that can, by their very presence, change the aesthetics of your water point.

Stylish means finish and colour, and there are many finishes to choose from: chrome, black, white, graphite, brushed stainless steel, as well as gold and copper finishes, etc.

The smart mixer taps

Folding or retractable mixer taps are essential if your sink is under a window. All you have to do is fold it away when you open the window, and it's very easy to do.


Like the pros

You'll look like a top chef. The semi-pro models, with their predominantly hand shower, offer the perfect quality of finish and technical features for chefs.


The ecological mixer taps

Most mixer taps have convenient options to make your life easier: filtering, flow limiter, temperature limiter, but also to help the planet.


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