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Published on 10 February 2020
Updated on 10 February 2020

Seven clever ways to make the most of your splashback

A splashback above your hobs and/or work surface or below the cooker hood protects your wall and makes it easy to clean your kitchen, while also adding style to your room. But did you know that an illuminated splashback can also be a clever choice? Here are several ideas to inspire you...

Illuminated splashbacks

Your splashback can now be beautiful as well as useful, bathed in light from glass panels backlit by LEDs.

This aesthetic and up-to-the-minute look is also very practical, as your splashback directly illuminates your work surface while bringing soft lighting and a warm look to your kitchen.

Now that’s a bright idea!


Mirror-effect splashbacks

Do you want to make your kitchen feel spacious, as well as more modern?

Why not choose a mirror-effect splashback?

By reflecting the light, it not only serves to protect the wall below your hood or above your units, but becomes a light source in its own right, adding class to your entire kitchen.


Brick-effect splashbacks

Are you a fan of the New York loft vibe?

Or the industrial look?

Good news! Adhesive splashbacks are also available in a brick or slate effect to decorate your wall.

Easy to install, they add depth and character to your kitchen.


Splashbacks with a rail

A splashback can also be an opportunity to add extra storage space to your kitchen.

If it runs the entire length of your work surface, why not install an aluminium rail to hang your utensils so that they are always within easy reach.

A practical, modern and space-saving idea!


Magnetic splashbacks

Yes, that’s right. Your splashback could also take the form of a magnetic black panel, similar to a blackboard.

As well as lending elegance to your kitchen, a black magnetic splashback offers the dual advantage of being able to attach small magnetic objects to it, along with the ability to draw and write on it directly with chalk – to create a bistro atmosphere or simply to write little love notes...


Splashbacks that stand out

Minimalism certainly has its appeal.

But to enhance a very plain kitchen, it can also be a good idea to opt for a splashback in relief, to add volume and texture to your kitchen through a subtle optical effect.


Splashbacks with brackets

Another idea to add a little more storage space is to equip your splashback with brackets to hold several rows of transparent shelves

Various combinations are available to suit you. So that's how to really make the most of your kitchen!



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