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Published on 10 February 2020
Updated on 10 February 2020

Long kitchens: how to optimise space?

How best to optimise space raises a number of questions in a long kitchen. Since the surface area is limited, you have to be smart to create a functional and comfortable space. Follow ixina’s optimisation advice and you’ll see that this is possible!

Long kitchens: a linear or parallel layout?

Two types of layout are possible for long kitchens: linear or parallel.

Single Wall Mounted layout

This layout involves placing all your kitchen units and appliances along one wall. Note that this configuration is suitable for long kitchens with a maximum width of 1.50m!

Since the work triangle principle is not applicable in this type of kitchen, ergonomics are an especially important consideration... In a long kitchen with a linear layout, you therefore need to think carefully about where to place the various appliances. Make sure that the sink and dishwasher are in the centre of your work surface. The hob and fridge, meanwhile, should be placed at either end. The important thing is to separate the hot zone (cooking) from the cold zone (fridge and perishable goods).


Parallel layout

Is your long kitchen wider than 1.50m?

Then a parallel layout is possible. This linear configuration extends along two walls. Using this layout, the cooking, food preparation and storage areas are located in accordance with the work triangle principle.

Top tip: if you want to have a door on your linear or parallel kitchen, ideally choose a sliding or recessed door, for greater comfort and to allow traffic to flow more smoothly. In any case, avoid a traditional inward-opening door, which would reduce space.


Make good use of storage space

The challenge in a long kitchen is deciding how to make best use of the wall for storage, without it being unsightly...
The first rule when designing wall storage is to ensure it uses the full height of the wall.

Make it more attractive by alternating enclosed storage space (cupboards) and open storage space (shelves).

Top tip: If you have a low ceiling in your long kitchen, avoid placing your oven high up and instead build it into a base unit!


Opt for small household appliances (mini-oven and mini-hob), which will free up the work surface and leave more space for storage.
When choosing your units, opt for modular and corner units to create more space.

Other clever elements optimise space in a long kitchen: a retractable table that slides under the work surface, a trolley rack to fit into a tight corner or a downdraft hood that retracts into the hob!


In terms of accessories, opt for rails and shelves along your splashback, which will free up your drawers and ensure that everything is within easy reach by allowing you to hang utensils along the entire length of the wall!

Long kitchens: how to enhance the sense of space?

To give an impression of space in a long kitchen, make the most of natural light and opt for reflective and invigorating colours, which make the space feel larger and brighter.

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