Placed on the wall between your countertop and wall cabinets, the backsplash is now a quintessential decorative feature beyond its protective role. Standard or customized backsplash? A backsplash that matches your countertop or is a standalone decorative element? A colorful or brightening backsplash? IXINA gives you a broad range of materials and colors to choose from.

Backsplashes A charming complement to your countertop

As the finishing touch on your kitchen, the backsplash lends extra cachet. It can be an extension of the backsplash in the same material and color, or it can play up contrasts and light for a more original look. The goal is to create a sense of uniformity.  A guaranteed elegant effect.

Are you thinking about a custom backsplash?


A more original, personalized backsplash lets you design your own wall : a border pattern or an assembly of your favorite HD photos...give free reign to your imagination!

Use a backsplash to boost your storage space

Whether it's standard or custom, a modular backsplash is fitted with rails you can use to hang aluminum accessories so all your utensils are within arm's reach. This practical, easy-to-maintain option is perfect if you need additional storage space.

Floating shelves for storage that blends into the decor

To get even more storage space in your kitchen, add high-design floating shelves. These decorative additions double as open storage to tastefully adorn your wall.

Check out the ultra-cool illuminated glass floating shelf with LED lights or the decorative neon shelf surrounded by an elegant aluminum band.