Do you want a tidy kitchen in which everything has its place ? At ixina, we offer many storage solutions to optimise space in your kitchen.


Carefully considered storage solutions

Do you need to have your utensils, groceries and household products to hand ? Here are some solutions :


Combine cooker hood and storage for two-in-one use.


An ideal storage drawer for spices and condiments.


Under-sink storage (including inner door) for easy access to household products, tea towels and sponges.  


Compartmentalised and modular drawers for storing jars.


Modular wooden dividers that can be adapted to suit your needs.


Cutlery tray – essential for a well-organised kitchen.


Corner units : a space saving solutionCorner units make intelligent use of even the smallest space to maximise your storage space.

Arrange your splashback

Accessorising your splashback is a clever idea. Keep your worktop tidy with a few simple pieces of equipment:


Aluminium splashback shelving with LED option.


Discreet splashback storage for arranging your kitchen utensils.


Use the depth of the worktop to house open shelves.


We love the storage splashback built into the worktop – discreet and easy to access.


Everything at your fingertips

Large sliding drawers with no doors offer easy access to all your everyday products.


The internal drawers in a high column provide a quick overview of all your products. Wide and deep, each drawer opens independently for easy access.


The pharmacy cabinet opens on both sides for optimal accessibility.


The lowerable iMove system is also ergonomic, making the contents of the wall unit shelves easily accessible.


Internal drawer with glass front – attractive and allowing an easy view of the contents of your drawers. Even what is stored at the bottom of the unit is easy to access.


For perfect alignment of your kitchen unit fronts, the small drawer is integrated into the large drawer


Tips for even smarter storage

If you have a lot of dishes, products and utensils to store, carefully consider the units’ storage capacity. With their large volumes, column units give you a wide selection of cleverly designed storage solutions.


Clever ideas to encourage environmentally-friendly actions

Do you want to embrace a more eco-responsible lifestyle? Practical solutions are available:


LED shelves to grow your own herbs


A drawer for storing fresh produce (eggs, fruit and vegetables)


Bins to facilitate recycling and minimise waste


Designing your kitchen has never been so easy and fun. For more information, make an appointment with one of our advisors to make the best choice for your kitchen.


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