You are bound to have seen one already. The current kitchen appliance trend is undoubtedly the extractor hob. What an incredible idea – combining cooking and ventilation! Whether to save space, create a clearer view or increase efficiency – this hob meets a number of needs. We explain everything you need to know in this buyer's guide.

How does an extractor hob work?

The extractor hob is more compact than a traditional hob. It captures odours and smoke directly from the cooking source. The extraction system is activated automatically or by pressing a start button. First of all, for the appliance to be effective, it will be necessary to ensure that the Cooking and Extractor parts work efficiently and each be of high quality. Whether for evacuation or recycling, you will have to pay attention to the quality of the filters. You need just the right balance – neither too thin nor too thick – so that they filter the grease sufficiently without clogging the motor. As the hob with integrated hood needs to extract the air hard and fast, it may make more noise. The hood’s power includes several speeds. It is therefore important for it to be fitted with a noise-absorber, decent cladding and a quieter motor. To check its sound quality, look for the decibels (dB).

Why choose an extractor hob?

In terms of aesthetics, the induction hob with integrated hood lends your kitchen a refined style. But its technical qualities are what will seduce you most.

The aesthetic choice

Do you have a small kitchen and are looking for a space-saving solution? The induction hob with extractor increases storage space. In a kitchen with a central island, the extractor hob also offers a clear view of your kitchen. It replaces the hood, which tends to take up a lot of space.

The innovative choice

The extractor induction hob is available with three or four cooking zones. No more cleaning greasy and dusty cooker hood filters. A quick wipe and your kitchen will be clean again. Not to mention the absence of greasy cooking vapour and fumes. The space is healthy, while ensuring your food is perfectly cooked.


+ Fumes and odours are extracted thanks to innovative technology

- High cost

What type of cooking is it for?

Whatever type of cooking you prefer, the extractor induction hob offers genuine cooking quality. This hob with integrated hood can handle various types of cooking. This innovative system combines design and practicality for perfect cooking of all your food. Regulation of the hood’s power is incorporated into this new technology. Induction cooking is the most common in extractor hobs. It is more powerful, faster and safer. It also consumes less energy than a ceramic hob. Need more information? Make an appointment with one of our advisors to ensure you choose the best extractor hob for your kitchen.

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