Whether preparing hot drinks, chopping vegetablesor beating eggs to form peaks... From breakfast to dinner via dessert, small appliances are there to make your life easier. They are becoming ever more versatile to keep up with the latest culinary trends. For your comfort and enjoyment, ixina guides you in your choice of small appliances from its modern and aesthetic range.

Small appliances for cooking and preparation

Cut, heat, mix! Always have the right equipment to make meal-times easier.

Kitchen robots

Food robots are a big help in the kitchen, preparing your dishes to perfection. Just add the ingredients and programme them. This leaves you free to go about your business during preparation time.

Mixers and blenders

From smoothies to delicious cocktails, indulge yourself with a blender. It crushes your ice cubes and mixes fruit and vegetables to make your favourite drinks. Some blenders can even simultaneously cook your ingredients – very handy for making soups.

Essential breakfast equipment

The delicious smell of warm toast and coffee invades your kitchen with the breakfast set. Let your small kitchen appliances


The essential piece of kit for toast at breakfast time or a snack. Some toasters can also grill paninis and bruschetta or your Sunday evening toastie.

Coffee machine

Highly practical pod machines can prepare any type of hot drink. The full range of coffees, of course (from espresso to macchiato), but also maté, mint tea, chai tea or even hot chocolate… Just slip in a pod.

Bean machines, which are more expensive to buy, do not require pods and the flavour of the coffee is different as the beans are ground directly by the machine. For restaurant-quality coffee!


Whether in stainless steel, glass or plastic, with or without a power cord and programmable temperature – kettles offer optimal water heating for your traditional or herbal tea. And with elegance. Depending on the size, they contain from 500ml to 3 litres.

Citrus press

To press fresh fruit juice for the whole family, your best bet is a fast and efficient appliance. With power ranging from 60 watts to 120 watts, an electric citrus press will make your mornings a pleasure.


Lovers of healthy food will appreciate a juicer to easily whip up vitamin-packed drinks. This appliance also allows you to make delicious natural ice creams.

Appliances for baking

Do you want to prepare crispy, fruity pies, irresistible chocolate fondants or light and fluffy cakes? Stock up on all the kitchen equipment needed to easily prepare delicious treats! Essential accessories include pastry robots and electric mixers.

Pastry robot

This ensures consistent mixing of your ingredients. It can also knead your shortbread and puff pastry or whisk egg whites. A multifunction robot is even equipped with accessories to cut, grate or chop your ingredients. It also makes short work of bread, pizza and brioche doughs.

Electric mixer

Whisk eggs and whip cream or butter into peaks with an electric mixer. It will save you a lot of effort and valuable time.

Are you unsure which model of small household appliance to choose? Make an appointment with one of our advisors to help you decide between our devices combining performance and elegance.

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