Connected equipment
Published on 10 February 2020
Updated on 10 February 2020

A kitchen that’s really switched on!

In this era of hyper-connectivity, kitchens are being upgraded to adapt to our new lifestyles! The aim is to take advantage of the best of technology and simplify our daily lives. A little practical guide for all you Chefs 2.0!

Would you like a helping hand?

A cupboard that opens with a gentle press, its glass panels sliding upwards like a blind to provide easy access to your shelves.
And we are not talking about its decidedly futuristic look, which will leave your guests speechless. A technical and artistic 10/10!


Home automation in the kitchen is a gas!

Sometimes the whole point of technology is to be forgotten… That has certainly been achieved with this extractor hood built into the hob that effectively extracts odours at source.
We particularly like its ultra-design appearance and the freedom of installation it offers. Although out of sight and out of mind, this extractor is a knockout!


DJ sets in the kitchen!

Just because you’re cooking dinner, doesn’t mean you have to abandon your favourite playlist! This built-in column offers you two power sockets, a USB port and a high-quality speaker to set the mood in the kitchen.
Dance, sing or watch a movie or your favourite boxset while cooking. Go on!


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