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Published on 18 February 2021
Updated on 18 February 2021

Ideal kitchen height : What are the most comfortable dimensions?

To optimise the layout of the room and its comfort, it is important to decide the best height for all worktops, wall cabinets and appliances in the kitchen. Adapting the size and positioning of each element to how you intend to use it will ensure you enjoy a practical and harmonious space. At Ixina, we offer bespoke solutions to make all your dreams come true. Use this guide to decide what suits you best and find the ideal height for your future kitchen.

What height worktop should you choose for your kitchen?

A worktop is generally positioned about 90cm from the floor. However, the ideal kitchen height will depend on your body shape and that of the other members of your family. To determine your body shape, stand in front of your sink. You can determine your ideal kitchen height by bending your arm at the elbows to form a right angle, as if you were washing your hands. Standing at your hob, you should also be able to see over the top of your casserole dish without needing a step, standing on tiptoes or else bending down too far. To help you in your choice and determine the ideal height of the worktop for your kitchen, we therefore suggest that you try out these two actions in our stores to find the best and most comfortable height for you.


The ideal kitchen height for your wall cabinets

Wall cabinets should be shallower than base cabinets to avoid obstructing movement and can be installed at whatever height suits you best. Choosing a well-proportioned space and layout will improve the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen.


The first thought is often to choose very high storage units, to have as much cupboard space as possible to hold your kitchen utensils. But, if these are inaccessible, you will find them very inconvenient for everyday use.

The perfect height for kitchen cabinets is therefore considered to be 1.50m. However, this measurement depends a lot on your body shape. We therefore recommend that you choose a height for your wall units that allows you easy access to the first two shelves, for example, while you can use the third to store accessories that you use less frequently and can occasionally use a step to reach.

The ideal height for installing kitchen appliances

To avoid hurting your back, it is better to choose an integrated fridge-freezer, with the freezer part underneath. This will mean you bend down less often, as the fridge is accessed more frequently.


Finally, for the oven, choose an arrangement that will place it about 1m from the floor. This ideal kitchen height prevents bad posture, while also making the room safe for children.


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