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Published on 18 August 2021
Updated on 18 August 2021

Adopt the farmhouse chic trend for a kitchen with character

We can all imagine ourselves in a farmhouse chic kitchen, seated around a huge cottage-style table for sociable family lunches and enjoyable dinners with friends. If you dream of this warm and welcoming atmosphere, then the farmhouse chic trend is for you.

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A modern take on an authentic kitchen

Graceful and full of character, a farmhouse chic kitchen offers a real escape. The old stones, terracotta tiles or dark boards on the floor echo the exposed wooden beams.

The kitchen adopts a modernised cottage style. The cabinets therefore feature straight-framed fronts to add charm to your chic and cosy interior. To contrast with this traditional, characterful frame, opt for very modern equipment.

The authenticity of your chic country kitchen will therefore be expressed in the contrasts between authenticity, sociability and functionality. So choose a range cooker accompanied by a straight chimney hood, along with a very on-trend butler sink. Then add a tap in matt black or even gold that the handles of your chic country kitchen furniture can echo.

What colours should you choose for a farmhouse chic kitchen?

Whatever type of flooring you choose, it is usually dark, while the walls are especially light to create a bright and tranquil room. So choose a retro splashback in light colours.

You should also opt for fronts in natural colours to avoid detracting from the soothing atmosphere exuded by your farmhouse chic kitchen.

Favour dark shades if you want to add colour. They will set off the retro style while bringing it up-to-date and without undermining your overall look.

To reinforce the air of times gone by, you can combine a black or white marble work surface with muted tones such as khaki green, charcoal grey or a deep blue.


How should you decorate your farmhouse chic kitchen?

To stick with your theme and create a unique and authentic space, choose decorations made from natural fibres.
Use glass jars to store your supplies. Your pasta and cereals will then become part of your look.

You could also add bouquets of fresh wild flowers. If you prefer the dried flower trend, then preserved wheat ears, flax flowers and hare’s-tail grass will do just as well.

Finally, for dinner parties, decorate your wooden table with a crumpled linen or chequered tablecloth and serve your delicious dishes on antique plates.


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